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1. Your Medical Practitioner is an experienced qualified General Practitioner who is fully registered with the GMC, is up to date with validation and annual appraisal, is DBS checked, undertakes regular Child Protection Training and holds indemnity with the Medical Protection Society.

2. Your Medical Practitioner has additional qualifications in Sports and Exercise Medicine as well as Emergency Resuscitation and on-pitch certification.

3. Your consultation is entirely confidential. No details about you or your consultation will be passed to any other party.You will be given a summary of the consultation for your own reference.


1. ACEM does not have access to your usual medical notes. Therefore you agree to give accurate relevant information about your medical history as requested. On occasion, you may be advised that your problem is outside of the scope of the Clinic.

2. All prescriptions issued from ACEM Clinic are private, so you will be responsible for their cost when dispensed by any pharmacy.

3. You agree to settle ACEM Clinic or medicOdirect fees, by cash or by card, at the end of the consultation.*

* Sports Event Cover will be invoiced in advance and payable within seven days of the event.     Medical Reports for legal and other purposes are invoiced on completion - usual terms 30 days.